Renting function description
Renting is suitable for users who have a great amount of Flags but lack of playing time. Flags are able to be rented to receive an amount of $WBT from the occupants.
This feature helps users have more chances to join Betting. There is also a renting mechanism for breeding.
Renting is separated into different types for users.

Fixed Price Renting

  • Owners can lease their Flag and configure fixed settings like: Renting time, renting price, renting purpose (Betting or Mint).
  • Players can consider the renting price, renting time and compare to others on the market to decide if they should accept the renting offer. Beside, players can check the Flag information: Indexes, Rarity, Win rate, Countdown Time, Betting Limitation, etc.
  • Occupants are able to use Flag for purposes set by the owners. $WCT reward earned from the Flag can be claimed after 5 days.
  • Eg: A Flag owner set the renting time to 1 day with the price of 50 $WBT. The occupant has to pay 50 $WBT and use the renting Flag within 24 hours after the payment.

Share Profit Renting

  • Share Profit Renting has a little difference, compared to Fixed Price Renting. Owners are able to rent their Flag and earn the shared profit from Betting. Owners can also set renting time and shared profit rate.
  • Players can grow their profit without adding funds, which the main concern is if the shared profit is interesting enough as well as Flag’s indexes.
  • This mechanism only accepts renting in order to participate in Betting.
  • There are bots to scan for preventing cheatings, which ensures equality for users.
  • $WCT rewards are calculated and distributed to renters and owners.
  • Eg: An owner gives his Flag for lease and sets renting time to 1 day with 10% of shared profit. After a renter accepted the offer and participated Betting, $WCT reward will be distributed to owner (90%) and renter (10%) within 1 day.