Betting detail

Game mechanics

  • Every game takes place along with football matches all over the world. Participants are required for tickets or NFT Flag (of the betted team).
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Betting prize: $WCT / $WBT / $BUSD is distributed to winners each game. For NFT with high percent of reward, winners will receive a bonus. Top 10 participants will achieve more valuable prizes, 1% - 2% compared to others. After each betting, for burned tickets NFT will be locked during the time based on Flag’s Rarity and participants cannot join at least one next game.
  • In the first phase we will develop a manual betting mechanism, which is suitable for inexperienced users and help them have time to get knowledge about WorldBet. Automatic betting & prize increasement mechanism will be announced in second phase.
  • There will be bots joining the bettings to prevent long waiting queues due to the lack of users in the early phase of our project. This mechanism is to ensure equality for the games and does not affect the betting result.
  • Gameplay version note:
    • For V1: $WBT is used for betting and rewards after matches.
    • For V2: Players can provide NFT Flags along with $WBT in order to receive rewards up to 15% (based on Flags’ rarity).
    • For V3: NFT Flags are required along with $WBT for every betting match in order to receive rewards up to 15% (based on Flags’ rarity).

Betting Fixed Reward

Total $WBT reward for each race-round: 10000 $WCT

Fair characteristic

  • All bettors (Joined by NFT) will receive more reward based on NFT properties.
  • Each Bet Course has different indexes which includes: Color, History, Width, Height & Bonus. These indexes affect directly to Bettor during the betting.
  • The system will calculate to ensure all winners do receive rewards from Prize Pool.
  • Record and Report Feature: allows bettors to take a look, save betting games and report to the system if bugs or hacking behaviors are found.