Fixed Price

Fixed Price

For sellers

  • In My NFT, select an NFT displayed on screen or search by ID (unique ID) and place the price you want.
  • Trading cryptocurrency: $WBT (BEP20) and BUSD (BEP20). Fee: 5%

Sale cancellation

  • In My NFT, you can cancel selling an NFT (condition: no buyer yet). You can do a quick search by entering NFT ID and cancel the sale.

For buyers

  • In the Marketplace, select the NFT you want to buy or search by ID, click Buy Now and confirm the transaction on the website & your wallet.
  • Note: After buying successfully, the seller earns 95% of the transaction amount, 5% left is transaction fee and will be transited to the Sale Wallet of World Bet. Placing & Canceling sell orders are fee free (except BSC transactions).
  • DISCLAIMER: Please carefully check the legit World Bet website & contract before connecting to your wallet. Success rate, transaction duration & fees are based on the BSC network. World Bet takes no responsibility for any loss & mistakes from users.